Delivering 1000+ Features, and millions of global API calls daily for top global retailers, hospitality, travel and financial enterprises.

Enterprises Innovate by Understanding Real Time Customer Behavior

Data + Customer Recognition + Behavior = Predictive BI

One Interface to Automate Customer Design based on Real time Metrics Across All Channels

Customer Acquisition
is Managed

in a real time database as customers opt in via App download, SMS, Web, and API calls from third party systems.

Enterprises Define Intelligent Triggers

based on customer engagement at POS, in App, online and real time geofencing to deliver contextual experiences.

Contextual Communication is Personalized

based on customer attributes, preferences, and delivered across mobile touchpoints: in App Push Messaging, SMS, IVR, Social Chat, and Mobile App messaging channels such as WhatsApp and WeChat.

Features of the QWASI Platform

The QWASI Platform brings together CIOs and CMOs to drive sales, engage clients, and activate customers globally. QWASI works with enterprises to augment existing and legacy data to deliver targeted, contextualized mobile experiences to end customers.

Global Management For Transaction,
Marketing, and Communication

API Integration & Connectivity

Import / Export to Legacy Databases

(3rd party connectivity)

  • Data crunching & analaysis
  • Campaign Creative
  • Groups and new triggers

Channel & Aggregator Routing

Intelligent Engagement

(response to subscribers)

  • Context & Personalization
  • Channel execution / escalation
    SMS - Push - Email - IVR
  • Device execution / escalation
    Phone - Tablet - TV - Wearable

Enterprise Engagement Manager

Trigger Management

(subscriber action = engagement)

  • POS (in store / web)
  • Loyalty actions
  • iBeacons & Geofencing
  • App engagement
  • Web hits

Compliance Security SLAs

Channel Opt In & Preference

(subscribers opt in)

  • App download
  • SMS
  • Web Signup