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QWASI Launches Game Day for the Virtual Fan Experience

As teams prepare to get back on the fields and courts, fans are preparing to have limited access.  Enters QWASI GAME DAY!

QWASI GAME DAY – the Virtual Fan Hub / HYPE REEL from QWASI Technology on Vimeo.

Today, we released our GAME DAY product that will act as the Virtual Sports Hub for teams looking to engage fans who are joining games remotely with immersive experiences.  Fans can join on desktop and mobile without downloading an app, and they can play Game Day activities to win Sports Team branded prizes and SWAG.

“We love the product,” says Lara Hanson, Chief Innovation Officer at QWASI.  “It’s intuitive for fans, as they simply signup, get alerts when a GAME DAY starts, and participate to win prizes.” GAME DAY enables marketing teams to engage fans in creative ways, and sponsorship teams to sell a variety of experiences in a seamless easy to use platform.

“Lost revenue from ticket sales and sponsorship is a real thing for organizations. GAME DAY not only manages the fan engagement experiences, but gives data back to sponsors and sponsorship teams around fan engagement.  With fans looking for more authentic experiences this is a great way for them to engage with their favorite teams on a different level, and also win sponsored T-Shirts and merchandise from brand sponsors,” explains QWASI CEO, Leon Samuel.

“We see this as a great solution during COVID, but also beyond COVID for fans who aren’t always able to join in person.  As a sports fan with two children under 5, I personally have always struggled to manage my kids at a sporting event, and this allows us to be a part of the game day atmosphere without having to actually pack up the car and go a stadium,” says Hanson.


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