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QWASI & The CE Partner to Transform Physical to Digital with Gamified Community Experiences

QWASI announces partnership with The Consumer Engagement, or “CE”, a next generation funnel tool that engages users through a conversational brand interaction. The user’s input determines their custom offer at the end of their journey.

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Together we are transforming products and places into contactless experiences as well as upgrading physical events into virtual communities with seamless second screen gamified experiences.

“We love how complimentary our solutions are.  With QWASI’s platform acting as the enabler of people, places and things to connect with the cutting edge mobile experiences CE creates,” explains Lara Hanson, CIO at QWASI.

As the world goes virtual and digital during this time of COVID quarantine, QWASI leverages mobile devices as a gateway to unlock experiences unique to users leveraging device id and physical object engagement.

Webinar: Making a Rapid Switch to a Virtual Environment

In parallel, The Consumer Engagement Company (Thece) guarantees improved engagement by offering a new foundation of experiential marketing and audience engagement. Improved engagement is possible when three key attributes come together: stimulation, entertainment, and ownership. Our mobile web app creates interactive connections between consumers and brands in new and innovative ways including advertising in social, on packaging, via out of home, at in-store retail and at live events.




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