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October Talks: Contactless Trends in Sustainability and Meals on Main Street addressing Food Insecurity

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October Web Series scheduled. In the upcoming web series, Peter and Lauren will talk Contactless Technology and Sustainability with Kathleen Kirkwood, and learn how QWASI is supporting the Meals on Main Street program to assist those who are food insecure during these challenging times.

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Kathleen Kirkwood – “Don’t Burn Your Bra / Recycle It” / Founded in 2010 by Kathleen Kirkwood, former FORD Model and current QVC Intimates & Fashion Brand. Bra Recycling was created not only to recycle bras into carpet padding as a Green Initiative, but also to donate metal underwire proceeds to help fund Breast Cancer Research.

Kate Keller – Communications Director at Cartias, Meals on Main Street. ca·ri·tas: love for all people
We provide people with more than a hot meal, we are neighbors helping neighbors, getting to know each other, becoming friends, being a sharing community. From 2013 to 2017, we have seen a shift in the makeup of the population with respect to those living in poverty. Based on the most recently available demographics, the number of people currently living below the poverty line in our area is 10 times greater than the number we feed through our kitchen and four times larger than those who receive fresh produce and protein from our food pantry.  We have come to realize that our reach still falls far short of the community’s need Our feeding programs now provide an equivalent of 16,767 meals a month. Help us feed more. Our goal for 2020 is 240,000 meals.

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