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I look forward to working with Qwasi on the opening of my pop up gallery in Tampa, FL. Qwasi’s technology is so helpful for new clients to learn about my business and what services I have to offer. Their team is so hands on and have been more than helpful during the set up and activation.

Britt Ford
Britt Ford ,
Britt Ford

COVID-19 has been a terrible blow to my nonprofit, but there have been some silver linings. As a result of having to cancel our in person events/hackathons we have transitioned to holding our programs virtually. I am looking forward to taking our virtual events to the next level with the help of Lara Hanson and her team from QWASI. After my in depth conversation with Mikayla Russell, I am convinced the end result will be everything I could imagine and more.

Random hacks of kindness Jr
Patrice Gans ,
Executive Director

We are excited to combine our 12 years of augmented reality experience with Qwasi’s IOT technology to change the way brands retain customers, capture actionable data, and increase engagement with events, products, hospitality, and more.

Rock Paper Reality
Patrick Johnson ,
Rock Paper Reality

With QWASI’s technology, brands were able to collect feedback from Seltzerland attendees and understand consumer preferences in real time, which led to a more interactive experience at the booths. We look forward to utilizing this innovative technology at more events in the future!

Canonball productions
Kate Levenstien ,
Cannonball Productions

Effective communication with incoming students is always a challenge. New students, often from different parts of the world, can be overwhelmed with meetings and important information at a typical orientation. That’s why we were delighted when QWASI provided the opportunity to develop a fun and engaging mission-oriented online platform to welcome and educate our over 100 incoming graduate students. With a simple to use interface, QWASI and Fordham co-deployed an interactive and informative event that works at the students’ own pace. With this platform, student engagement is among the highest we’ve ever seen and we look forward to reusing this QWASI-developed approach in the future.

Gabelli School of Business - Fordham University
Peter Johnson ,
MSMI Program Director
Fordham Gabelli

We are an industry leader in providing an elite service to our fans, teams and universities. Partnering with Qwasi enables us to take our relationships with key partners to the next level. Being able to deliver these experiences, resources and data insights to our partners while being the first to launch this service in our industry – is another victory for our team.

Superior Sports Management
Jacob Ridenhour ,
Superior Sports Management

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