“The key for any marketer is to stay flexible and understand what consumers want. Today, we’re seeing the importance placed on an interactive, omni-channel experience.” – Jim Cochrane, CMO at USPS



  • Increase awareness of Irresistible Mail
  • Utilize mobile to engage customers
  • Create innovative mailing experience

Digital Transformation

  • A physical book was created where customers could engage through NFC, QR and image recognition on their phone driving them to VR experience
  • Show a complete digital journey with real time communication

Business Outcomes

  • 15% spike in customer acquisition
  • 95% click through rate
  • 23% customer reengagement


QWASI and MRM McCann partnered to build an Augmented Reality communication experience for the United States Postal Service.

The USPS wanted to share the value of physical products and packages with their customers.

A physical book was created where customer could engage through NFC, QR, and image recognition on their smartphones, driving them to a Virtual Reality experience.

The USPS was shown a complete digital journey with curated data to produce affinity insights.

The USPS saw 23% of existing customer engage, 15% new customers, and determined which activations were most valuable to brands.