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QWASI Talks Transformation in Sustainability & Circular Fashion with B.R.A. Recycling Agency Founder, Kathleen Kirkwood

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Sustainability and the rise in circular fashion are the focus in this episode as QWASI’s Lauren Black, and Peter Farrell join Kathleen Kirkwood, Founder of B.R.A recycling agency & K.R.T., to discuss how technology and millennial influencers come together to innovate and transform this industry. Kathleen shares her thoughts on how these two forces are now enabling brands, who are doing good things for the planet, to connect with and activate younger generations, and the positive impact this has on business.

The webinar highlights how mobile has made it easier to grow brand sustainability programs faster, connecting with students who are eager to share causes they care about via social platforms. And, how marketing teams can use real-time reporting to quickly understand the right assets to use, to exponentially grow the impact of their sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability is good for business and the world:

a) Sustainability increases sales revenues by 20%

b) 66% of Americans consider sustainability when making a purchase decision

c) Implementing contactless drive 3x higher CRM acquisition

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Kathleen Kirkwood: Founder, the b.r.a. ® recycling Agency & Kirkwood Renewable Technologies. KK has been a QVC intimate apparel spokesmodel since 1992. In parallel, she launched KRT that recycles bra’s into commercial carpets and works with brands on their circular sustainability retail initiatives. Kathleen’s Goal is to Reduce Landfill and Ocean waste of the 50,000 tons of plastic, textile and metal from the ½ billion bras sold each year, while driving traffic for trade-in’s to allow Women to Experience All New Bra’s from the Exciting Innovators of Today, including their awesome Recycled Fabrics and Low Impact Technologies coming to market, with more Sustainable Products.