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QWASI talks community building with New Orleans Lafitte Greenway’s Program Director Nellie Catzen

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In this episode we explore Lafitte Greenway, a vibrant park in New Orleans, with Program Director, Nellie Catzen. Nellie shares the importance of the Clarity Project to New Orleans residents, and how the community engaged with Contactless Technology to help in the redesign of the Greenway plaza.


Prior to COVID 19, Nellie and her team had sought a more innovative way to engage the community beyond the normal outreach programs, which had previously consisted of time-consuming efforts like canvasing areas, door-to-door meetings, and public gatherings to solicit input. Upon learning more about IOT, they decided to go Mobile, which in a COVID landscape, has since made contactless solutions even more imperative.

Over a two-day period, the Lafitte Greenway Clarity Project saw more than 200 community members engage to provide real world feedback on the park redesign. Results included:

+ 200 unique voters with over 30 minutes of average time engaged per person

+ 224 taps and Scans across 12 location touchpoints

+ 6,000 minutes of brand engagement for park corporate sponsor, Claritin

~ 2,000 insights from community feedback


A big believer in the power of community, Nellie Catzen joined the Friends of Lafitte Greenway team as Program Director in 2015. She directs health promotion, environmental education, and community building programming and events on the Greenway, and manages the organization’s communications and key projects. Before joining the Friends of Lafitte Greenway team, she worked as Special Projects Coordinator for Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans, where she focused on strengthening the agency’s services to refugees and immigrants. Nellie holds a degree in Environmental Health from the University of Pennsylvania, and proudly serves on the Board of Directors for Grow Dat Youth Farm.