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QWASI & The Olympics Talk Technology & Athlete Empowerment

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NACDA 2021, QWASI held a Technology in Sports Talk Track sharing how technology can empower athletics.

This talk features how QWASI worked with the Olympic NOC to engage athletes with a digital first format, for a hybrid event that was both in person and virtual.  Together, an immersive experience was created, that empowered athletes as the prepared for the Olympics and for their post Olympic careers.

In the first athlete forum held in Mali, Africa +170 athletes participated, creating +850 points of athlete feedback, over an 8 hour event with nearly 10,000 minutes of digital athlete engagement time.  This engagement improved both athlete understanding of Olympic regulations like WADA and COVID, as well as began to prepare them to transition into ambassadors for their post Olympic careers.  Hear from Kady, an Olympian and an NOC Ambassador in Africa on this groundbreaking event.