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QWASI Releases AIM and Captures the Mobile Moment

Press Release

QWASI’s AIM empowers enterprises to master messaging, mobile’s killer app. AIM combines multiple communication channels in one simple user interface powered by the QWASI API. AIM allows brands and enterprises to capture the mobile moment by easily managing subscribers and engaging with customers through a variety of touch points, including location, application usage, and third party activations.

We are all experiencing a Mobile Mind Shift. Smartphones are becoming an extension of our brains; we pull them out every time we need help. Every successful interaction reinforces the idea that whatever the problem, a mobile device provides the solution – – or should,” is explained in Re-Engineer Your Business For Mobile Moments, Forrester Research, 1/24/14.

“Through working closely with our customers and partners, and drawing on our long history in the messaging space, we realized there is a unique opportunity for brands to connect with customers on their mobile devices through the channel that makes the most sense for any given interaction. That’s why we built an omnichannel architecture that lets marketers easily target their customers and deeply understand their cross channel engagements,” explains Jon Thies, QWASI CTO.

Forrester research highlights the challenge and opportunity of the data: “Many companies sit on an untapped gold mine: tons of customer data. Legacy systems (e.g. customer relationship management, accounting systems, and business intelligence), and digital experience applications (e.g. web content management and web analytics) contain data that marketers can use to personalize or contextualize digital customer experiences and influence strategic decisions.” Forrester concludes the digital experience report offering, “a strategic corporate mandate to put the customer at the center of the business strategy is often the only way to get technology management professionals and business to work together to execute a customer-centric digital business strategy.” Five Ways IT and Business Can Cooperate to Win at Digital Experience Deliver, Forrester Research, 1/14/14.

“We are excited to be the platform that bridges the conversation gap between CMOs and CIOs to unlock big data systems, offers a homogenous data set and propels real-time, contextually relevant interactions,” said QWASI CEO, Leon Samuel.

“In 2013, we worked with the biggest retail and hospitality brands on global customer SMS engagement, and now with AIM, we can help these brands execute on the blue sky cross channel mobile moments to truly personalize customer experience,” says Samuel.

In 2014, QWASI plans to continue expansion with its AIM offering to include over-the-top messaging services such as WeChat, LINE, Kakao, and Viber, and is also looking forward to releasing its developer portal with Mashery.


QWASI INNOVATION LABS is a SaaS company working with leading brands to innovate the customer journey using real time data. At the heart of QWASI’s offering is the desire to create remarkable customer experiences, leading to increased brand loyalty, higher retention rates, more effective customer service throughout the customer lifecycle.