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QWASI Partners with Social & Authentication Company, Gigya

Press Release

Gigya and QWASI have partnered to create an out-of-the-box Mobile and Social customer authentication solution, allowing enterprises to leverage social data, and collect customer attributes at opt in – to contextualize mobile engagement over Push for apps, SMS text messaging and other forms of communication.

Gigya Inc. provides a customer identity management platform that helps companies build trusted digital relationships with consumers.

Gigya offers a customer identity management platform for businesses which includes products for customized registration, social login, user profile and preference management, user engagement and loyalty, and integrations with third-party marketing and services platforms.

“We are excited about this partnership as it adds additional social capabilities and data points to help our customer maximize not only their social listening but authentication,” Lara Hanson, Chief Innovation Officer at QWASI Technology.


QWASI INNOVATION LABS is a SaaS company working with leading brands to innovate the customer journey using real time data. At the heart of QWASI’s offering is the desire to create remarkable customer experiences, leading to increased brand loyalty, higher retention rates, more effective customer service throughout the customer lifecycle.