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QWASI Launches iOS App Featuring Rich Push

Press Release

Mobile Engagement Platform of Choice for Global Enterprises and Aggregators, Launches iOS App Featuring Rich Push – Read More

QWASI Technology, long recognized as the platform of choice by aggregators, enterprises, and the white label SMS marketplace, is now offering Push.


Push is the latest in a long list of mobile engagement capabilities (SMS, MMS, Passbook, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, geofencing) managed by QWASI’s Mojo engine.

“The most exciting thing about this release is not the Push capability, but the opportunity to demonstrate our platform’s flexibility for multichannel federation. Our platform acts as a gateway with application layer logic to intelligently route interactions across multiple transports – globally,” said Lara Hanson, SVP of Operations.

“Push is easy. To us, Push is just another channel of distribution. What’s more interesting are the APIs and the logic used to route the messaging across multiple channels. The QWASI app is simply a way to demonstrate the power of our platform.”

The QWASI App demonstrates mobile as a convergent data source, where Push is merely a component of the omnichannel spectrum. QWASI’s app gives Push away in exchange for demonstrating the power of real-time, location-driven, cross-channel data – as a key to unlock intelligent engagement.

“If data is the new currency, then we want to be the driver of rich experience. Big Data is not the goal; there is plenty of Big Data to be had, what we do is allow data to be intelligent so that it can drive great experience,” added Hanson.



QWASI INNOVATION LABS is a SaaS company working with leading brands to innovate the customer journey using real time data. At the heart of QWASI’s offering is the desire to create remarkable customer experiences, leading to increased brand loyalty, higher retention rates, more effective customer service throughout the customer lifecycle.