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We are proud to support Small Businesses & Nonprofit organizations

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We believe that great technology, innovation, and customization should be available to everyone.  We are proud to offer QWASI’s Technology to the SMB and Nonprofit sector to support their business growth and community engagement.

Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR” has always been an integral part of QWASI’s ethics and value system. Our approach to CSR has been an evolution over the last decade, working with a number of different entities to refine and update our systems and services while making the very same products available to the communities at scale.

In 2020, we formalized this commitment with a COVID Safe CSR Program enabling complimentary COVID safe touch free access points as well as mobile optimized experiences that enable everything from Giving to Customer Support Assistance supporting businesses looking to innovate, drive new revenue and create better customer experiences.

Exclusive Experiences

We are a diverse team of global Innovators, with the mission to build technology that unlocks the greater good of its potential.  Our management teams are based in London, New York City, and Los Angeles, but you will find us working in collaboration all over the world.  Learn more.

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  • Custom Designed Smart Asset
  • Custom Mobile Hub
  • Monthly Data Insights
  • Google Analytics Integration

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There is $0 cost for businesses that qualify for our CSR program. Meets small business status and not for profit definition.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about QWASI, and submitting your application.