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QWASI Brings NIL Digitization, Data & Social To College Athletes

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QWASI is excited to offer college athletes and programs the opportunity to easily build and grow NIL engagement and offer new advertising opportunities.

“Every kid wants to come to Duke. It helped my personal brand a lot. I’m excited for the next generation of athletes to capitalize on their brand value.” 

Zion Williamson


QWASI’s NIL solution enables athletes to grow their social following, while also creating a new point of advertising for their brand sponsors.

In the 2021-2022 season, the QWASI NIL solution is being offered at $0 cost for athletes to setup, which gives them a custom branded Social Hub to drive fan social engagement, advertising space on that page to offer sponsors, and data insights to track fan growth, and advertising conversion and brand time engaged. 

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QWASI’s Smart Spaces platform is mobilizing events across the US, increasing brand awareness, improving social amplification, and providing both global and real time location specific insights on consumer behaviors and trends. The mobile first approach unlocks 20X more data insights by allowing for the curation of real time feedback for brand sponsors.


+ Grow Social Following & Fan Engagement

+ Advertising Opportunities for Brand Sponsors

+ Data Insights for Players & Brand Sponsors to Track Success

“We are excited to offer this solution to every student athlete and advertising sponsor to transform NIL in simple and tangible way that helps athletes build their brand and generate advertising sponsorship revenue for their brand.”