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The CDX Forum brings Top Chief Digital Officers to NYC

Press Release

The Chief Digital Officer Global Forum will focus exclusively on strategic best practices and facilitate high-touch, engaging debate and discussion about key issues and trends in regards to reaching, engaging, converting, and nurturing long-term customer relationships with the increasingly demanding, and often-elusive, connected consumer. QWASI is proud to participate with thought leadership to help brands improve the customer relationship, experience and journey. Please click HERE to read about the forum and contact QWASI to learn more Data Innovation: [email protected]

Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are on the rise in regulated industries. Gartner predicts that 50% of all companies in regulated industries will have a CDO by 2017, according to research conducted by Debra Logan, Vice President and Gartner Fellow.

CDOs Help Manage Data as a Corporate Asset

“There is no coherent leadership strategy around corporate assets,” says Ms. Logan. Organizations have different approaches to managing data as a corporate asset, based on Gartner’s survey of CEOs and senior business executives.

“As CIOs, you do not own the data,” Ms. Logan says. “When retiring an asset, have you been able to get a straight answer from your business on how long to keep the data? They aren’t making decisions, and you can’t make the decisions about the data.”

The CDO Defined

The CDO is a senior executive who bears responsibility for the firm’s enterprise wide data and information strategy, governance, control, policy development, and effective exploitation. The CDO’s role will combine accountability and responsibility for information protection and privacy, information governance, data quality and data lifecycle management, along with the exploitation of data assets to create business value.


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