Smart Campus: Contactless & Virtual Engagement

Smart Campus 365 give prospective students a COVID safe way to tour campus, visitors a way locate directions and assistance, and students quick access to a directory of quick services including: campus menus, ordering to locations, previewing campus updates, reporting suspicious activity, and requesting assistance from around campus.  Other groups like alumni and sports fans can signup for updates, tap for resources, and campus activity groups can build safer in-person events as well as virtual events for fundraising, networking, workshops, hackathons, and keynote speaking engagements with more interactive content.

Campus facilities, marketing teams, and event managers get a 365-degree view of community engagement, and a portal to review feedback across the activities and contactless touchpoints.  Learn how easy it is to engage your communities with COVID safe contactless experiences.

Fundraising: Contactless & Virtual Engagement preview on laptop
Fundraising: Contactless & Virtual Engagement