Smart Campus: Contactless & Virtual Engagement

Smart Campus 365 give students, faculty, and development teams a mobile first way to engage communities across campuses and from home.  Smart Campuses make it easier for people to check-in on campus, preview events, register to participate, locate directions, request assistance, and give the community faster access to a directory of services including: campus tours, shopping, food ordering, reporting issues, and requesting assistance.  Smart Campus 365 also activates athletic competitions, fundraising events, networking, workshops, hackathons, and keynote speaking engagements with more interactive content.

Campus facilities, marketing teams, and event managers get a 365-degree view of community engagement, and offers a new revenue stream with available sponsored content.  Learn how easy it is to engage your campus with COVID safe touch free experiences.

Fundraising: Contactless & Virtual Engagement preview on laptop
student onboarding devices
Fundraising: Contactless & Virtual Engagement