Hikes & Trails: Contactless & Virtual Engagement

Hikes & Trails give visitors new a way to experience hikes and trails with interactive contactless touchpoints. Visitors can learn more about history, ecology, wildlife, play interactive games and access mobile tools like tap to check-in, wayfinding, shop, donate, register for programs, request support, and provide customer feedback.

Trail managers get a 365-degree view of visitor engagement, and a portal to review feedback across the activities and contactless touchpoints.  Learn how easy it is to engage visitors with COVID safe contactless experiences while improving access to new services.

Read the case study about our recent work in New Orleans at Lafitte Greenway enabling community to simply tap to signup, learn more, view directions, give feedback and request assistance.

Hikes & Trails: contactless & virtual engagement preview on laptop
Hikes & Trails: contactless & virtual engagement