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QWASI Leads Product Authentication & Variable Data Management at the Licensing Expo 2022


In a world post-pandemic, priorities for consumers continues to change. QWASI aims to make informationaccessible and easy for consumers, while providing valuable insights for companies to engage with their audience and tailor their product to better suit consumer needs.

According to Deloitte, sustainability is a key factor in consumer decision-making, with 45% of younger consumers deciding not to purchase certain brands due to ethical concerns. However, paper wastage continually increases, with approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper thrown away yearly in the US.

QWASI is able to provide a waste-free solution to share information with customers while collecting valuable insights. In a post-pandemic environment where 62% of consumers expect to increase their use of touchless technologies, the use of touch-free assets to access information not only helps the environment, but caters towards consumer needs.

Our technologies are also able to support businesses at a time where a lack of verification causes counterfeiting issues. Licensing International outlines that counterfeit goods from China accounted for 83% of the value of products seized by US Customs in 2020. This is not only costly for your business, but poses health and safety concerns for your customers. 

Using NFC technology, QWASI is able to build authentication into a product – simply tapping the NFC tag can provide authentication information for a customer. It can also activate a circular economy by providing easy access to information on sustainable donation or recycling practices. This not only provides confirmation of the authenticity of your product, but allows for more sustainable solutions, while activating customer experiences and letting consumers build a relationship with your brand. 

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QWASI is a mobile innovation company with a proprietary platform that manages contactless technology for authenticity, mobile optimization and sustainability.