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QWASI talks IOT and Wearable Tech at BioMedical Pharma Conference!

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Demonstrating the future medical technology and patient experience, QWASI is working with healthcare customers to IOT devices like NFC where patients can tap their mobile device to receive information on renewing a prescription, safety, as well activate real time two way communication with medical professionals.

“All-in-all, the analysts see the opportunity for $305 billion in savings from digital healthcare in the near future. As much as $200 billion of that could come from chronic disease management, largely due to the elimination of redundant and wasteful expenditures.” (Business Insider)

In the world of Pharma and Healthcare QWASI is focusing on patient communication, and the use of real time data so AI engines can monitor health, appropriately advise patients, and escalate to specialists with one to one communication is needed.

“According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Care About Your Care Initiative, 80% of patients discharged from the emergency department don’t understand their home care instructions. “This information can be delivered in a variety of formats — text, graphic, video, audio and interactive.” (Health IT)


We are excited to work with Pharma and Biomedical companies to activate the real time data they need to best advise patients, and monitor conditions 24/7.  Additionally, we are able to track new data points around location, weather, and other outside elements which may contribute to changing patient needs,” Lara Hanson, Chief Innovation Officer.

QWASI is working constantly with medical industry specialists and customers to create new applications of engagement tools that are key for brands as they manage products and create real time experiences for consumers based on individualized data. 

LEARN MORE about how to improve patient and customer care using new IOT offerings like Wifi and NFC to have more impactful conversations with both your patients and suppliers!



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