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QWASI and KRT partner to offer COVID Safe, Sustainable Contactless Solutions

QWASI and KRT have partnered to bridge the gap in COVID Contactless Solutions and Sustainability. Together ensuring that Smart Contactless experiences are sustainable by encoding all assets to the cloud for remote configuration.

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KRT led by Kathleen Kirkwood, former FORD Model and current QVC Intimates & Fashion Brand founded B.R.A.® in 2010 transforming the sustainability in intimate apparel with her initiative to recycle bras into carpet padding. This Green Initiative, not only converted bras into carpets, but donates the underwire metal to help fund breast cancer research

“We are excited to work with Kathleen and KRT as she offers a wealth of experience in manufacturing and sustainability. We hope that our joint capabilities will make it easier for brands to adopt sustainability initiatives that also address the challenges companies see in this COVID era,” said Lara Hanson, QWASI CIO


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