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QWASI and Diversity Decoder Collaborate to Build Community Engagement


QWASI is excited to partner with Diversity Decoder to offer a next generation collaborative technology approach, focusing on building authentic conversations around diversity that lead to foundational change for communities and organizations.

Diversity Decoder is a thought leader and strategic adviser to organizations, addressing DEI, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. QWASI, a leader in technology innovation, is excited to work together and bring a more engaging approach to DEI conversations to market.

According to Boston Consulting Group, 98% of organizations have made diversity a key part of their strategic vision. Implementation, however, has fallen flat. Simply hiring a CDO, interviewing more diverse candidates, and holding town hall forums is not enough to create on-going and sustainable change. This analog approach to diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) has only scratched the surface.

“Real work and organized processes need to take place for diversity to truly take root,” explains Linda Dunbar, founder and CEO of Diversity Decoder.  “We are excited to offer not only strategy but technology that will enable brands to build bridges throughout their organization, workshops, and provide data insights to better guide their growth.”

QWASI and Diversity Decoder agree that for real change to happen it must begin with an open channel of communication between organizations and employees. Fostering a continuous dialogue and safe place to escalate real world circumstances is a critical cornerstone.

Together we have created a mobile engagement strategy and platform that unlocks seamless ways for organizations to drive authentic community engagement across sectors. The solution is a 365-communication gateway, creating better data transparency for leadership to understand feedback around diversity programs and issues. This allows for better insights to drive strategy to create more collaborative and healthy communities.

Collaboration and community insights are vital to DEI implementation allowing organizations to hone in on specific challenges across the enterprise. We believe that Diversity Decoder’s implementation of modern technologies to unlock feedback, data insights, and ongoing two-way dialogue will be a game changer.

“We are passionate about diversity and its place in our society to achieve greater good for everyone – personally, professionally, morally, and as human beings.  We believe that Linda Dunbar and Diversity Decoder is the right partner to work with to help organizations take the next step in their DEI growth, and we are proud to have our technology serve as a backbone for this change,” Lara Hanson, Chief Innovation Officer at QWASI.

Diversity Decoder is a tech-enabled diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) firm whose mission is to help organizations operationalize DEI for business performance. We focus on the path from assessment to strategic goal setting, implementation, and skills development. Realizing the power of equality and the voice of stakeholders including clients, customers, community, and employees is our calling.


QWASI is a technology innovation company with a platform to manage the physical world for sustainable engagement points and community activation. Brands work with QWASI for asset management, mobile enablement, and data insights across all products, spaces, events, and advertising.