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QWASI Activates Napa Valley’s Vine Trail


The Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition is a grass-roots nonprofit with a vision to build a walking/biking trail system to connect the entire Napa Valley–physically, artistically, and culturally. With the community’s help, they are working to design, fund, construct, and maintain a 47-mile safe, scenic, paved, family- and pet-friendly, free-access trail, stretching from the Vallejo Ferry in Napa to Calistoga. The Vine Trail will bring an expected $165+ Million annual boost to Napa Valley’s economy while highlighting the cultural significance of the area. The Vine Trail’s supporters have grown to over 5,000 since they started in September 2008 and more than 20 miles of the trail have been constructed. The Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition is hosting the Month of Movement Challenge throughout the month of May to encourage community involvement and donations to support construction of the remainder of the trail.

QWASI is a mobile innovation company with a focus on contactless technology and sustainability. QWASI is proud to support the initiatives of the Vine Trail and utilize smart touchpoints to connect this beautiful region and its diverse community members.

“Qwasi is a proud sponsor of the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with a focus on connecting community.  The Coalition’s work to connect communities physically and Qwasi’s work to connect communities digitally offers a common thread that unites.  We believe that technology is a great conduit for providing better access to information and we are thrilled to be able to optimize Napa Valley’s Trail in its mission of movement with engaging experiences,”


Exclusive Experiences

The Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition is working diligently to complete the 47-mile trail to connect all of Napa Valley and recognizes the many safety, health, environmental, economic and tourism benefits the trail could provide for the community. However, generating trail engagement and promoting initiatives for donation is difficult without a direct line of communication with community members. More than 70% of Americans would bike/walk/skate more if they felt safe, so the Coalition intends on creating an interactive experience with resources and support available at any point on the trail.


QWASI is supporting the Vine Trail’s Month of Movement Challenge by providing QR- and NFC-activated smart keychains and touchpoints for all participants to have an easy access point to log miles, donate, connect on social media, and stay updated with Vine Trail developments. Travelers can enter the mobile experience at any point on the trail or at home, thus streamlining engagement with mobile resources and community initiatives. This mobile-first approach also allows the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition to continually update content, providing community members with relevant, interactive materials to remain connected and involved in the region’s prosperity. The implementation of touch-free assets will also provide a new revenue opportunity for advertising, fundraising, and sponsorship promotion.


Trails in residential and tourist areas around the United States (NYC; Portland, OR, Ketchum, ID; Nantucket, MA; Charleston, SC; Washington, DC and more) have made an immediate positive impact on the health, well-being and safety of residents, while measurably benefiting the economy and environment. By utilizing QWASI’s technology, travelers can be immersed in the artistic, cultural, and educational elements trail-wide, thus enhancing cultural tourism and supporting local initiatives. QWASI’s smart technology will connect travelers to the Vine Trail’s public art, rich history, outreach programs, and diverse landscapes, thus strengthening Napa Valley’s community ties and promoting mental and physical health awareness.