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Empowering Women in Sports with Game Day & Technology

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In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD), QWASI will be offering a complimentary subscription of its new Game Day software to girls’ and women’s sport teams that are looking to expand their virtual reach.

This innovative platform, which allows teams to engage with their fans through a Virtual Sports Hub, can be accessed on any device without downloading an app. Using Game Day software, fans will be given an inside look at their favorite team through such fun features as pre-game tailgate parties, and trivia games which helps users earn points toward  team-branded swag, and so much more.


“As a female, who is a former college scholarship athlete, I appreciate how important sports are for young women.  When I first started playing basketball there were not always other girls to play with, but programs like Title IX and  Women in Sports gave me opportunity,” said Lara Hanson, CIO Chief Innovation Officer at QWASI Technology.

QWASI launched the Game Day product as a part of its Virtual Experiences software offering in 2020.  Since then, Olympics organizations and top college sports programs are leveraging the technology to engage and empower athletes, as well as connect with fans throughout the college sports season.



The National Girls and Women In Sports Day (NGWSD) offering, according to Hanson, will allow the company to continue its mission to engage and empower athletes – even her own daughter one day. “Now that I have a little girl of my own, I recognize how important it is to continue to empower girls and women,” said Hanson.

“My coach used to say ‘with great gifts comes great responsibility,’ and I am excited my organization has the opportunity to help me pay it forward with our technology.  QWASI is an organization with a history of empowering women, and I am proud to work at a company that continues to support women in business as well as sports,” said Hanson.




QWASI is a technology team building customer experience and communication solutions for global brands.

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