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Emoji Ordering Sees Unprecedented Numbers

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Did the ancient Egyptians use hieroglyphs, similar to how we use Emojis today?  Probably not, as pizza delivery had not yet come into vogue, but the similarities of using symbolic art as a form of communication is a trend that is back in style.

In 2016 QWASI revolutionized Emojis by activating Dominos One Click to Purchase for Pizza via Phone using a simple Emoji – ????????????????

Since the launch Dominos has seen:

  • Over 2 Billion Earned Media Impressions
  • Over 500K people visited the Site after hearing of the program –
  • Drove 10.5% in sales growth YOY
  • Pushed Domino’s passed the 50% mark in digital orders
  • Put Domino’s in Top 5 for  Digital Transactions behind Amazon and Apple!


See how it works:


Domino’s “Anyware Suite”.


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