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QWASI Brings #BYOC to the Council for Responsible Sport

#BYOC Bring your own cup
The Water Bottle Challenge

As in-person events return, one time use cups and bottles are contributing to growing global waste issues.  Additionally, overprinting is commonplace because printing is not digitized.  Lastly, there has been no way to track the data around waste or create an ecosystem to return products for reuse. 

#BYOC - improving legacy and environmental impact of sporting events


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Smart Product Tagging to Gamify Waste Reduction

As a CRS supplier, QWASI now offers event managers custom branded #BYOC assets, enabling participants to engage with up to date event content as well as join the waste reduction movement by noting their contributions.  The end to end solution supplied by QWASI includes customer branded #BYOC tags, the software to manage mobile pages and data insights, as well as the implementation team to support the complete program.  The #BYOC mobile pages have the ability to be branded for advertising sponsors to generate revenue, as well as additional QR and NFC activated mobile pages for registration, check-in, event details, programs, menus, giveaways, support tents, sponsored booths, as well as any and all custom signage.

#BYOC Bring your own container website

The Council for Responsible Sport and QWASI are enabling reusable bottles to gamify waste reduction participants, teams, and events to track reuse and count number of bottles saved from waste.  Additionally, CRS and QWASI will be able to support event sponsors in driving increased revenue, as well as additional data insights for sponsoring brands around fan engagement, brand awareness and conversions around promotions.

#BYOC Bring your own container encourages recycling and reuse of plastic bottles