Bank of America

“For each individual, gaining control over their financial lives and making finances simpler and easier to manage means something different, and we are committed to providing consumers the tailored solutions they want to make their financial lives better.” – Michelle Moore, Head of Digital Banking at Bank of America



  • Leverage mobile to increase customer engagement and improve customer service
  • Drive mobile app download and usage

Digital Transformation

  • Customers texted in relevant keywords to receive account information
  • Web widget facilitated app download process
  • Customers received alerts about Museum on Us

Business Outcomes

  • Active mobile app users grew by 16%
  • 64% increase in app download and usage
  • 45% of the customers regularly use mobile banking


Bank of America wanted to boost its mobile banking segment and stay connected with customers.

QWASI built solutions that help Bank of America drive mobile app downloads and increase customer engagement, allowing customers to have access to mobile banking via multiple devices and stay informed of events.

By having more touch points to engage customers, Bank of America saw strong growth of its mobile banking app with 22 million mobile customers, and an average 113 million interactions a week.