Conference Support

QWASI Technology helps Cisco Streamline Support Services at Cisco Live U.S.

QWASI integrates proprietary Chat Application with Tropo and Webex Teams to deliver customer support to conference participants over their mobile devices.

The ability to passively monitor all activity from any device using Webex Teams makes QWASI an incredibly powerful tool in the field.” 

JW McIntire, Program Manager, CISCO


Cisco is an American multinational technology conglomerate that develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products. Each year Cisco hosts a global circuit of conference events, coined Cisco Live, which is their premier education and training destination for IT professionals worldwide. In 2017, Cisco Live U.S. played host to 28,000 participants, over 300 exhibitors, with more than 1000 educational sessions across a 5-day period from June 25th through June 29th. When Cisco were looking for innovative ways to streamline operational support for an event of this magnitude and enhance the on-site experience for conference participants, they turned to QWASI.

CHALLENGE: Provide Conference Participants With Quick Support Over Mobile

Cisco were looking for new ways to deliver support services across each of their major conferences. Traditionally, participants in need of support would have to seek out a physical help desk located within the conference area. This model presented a challenge, as participants had to leave their existing location, look on a map to see where the help desk was, and then make their way to that help desk to receive assistance. Cisco wanted to address this problem by taking advantage of mobile technology to facilitate real-time, two-way communications allowing conference participants to engage support services from anywhere within or outside of the conference venue.


SOLUTION: Utilize QWASI’s Two-Way SMS Chat for Real-Time Conference Support Engagement

QWASI’s two-way chat application provides a purpose-built Agent interface that allows Support Agents to address multiple concurrent requests over SMS. To initiate a support request, conference participants simply text in a keyword to the Tropo long code. Incoming support requests are then queued in an inbox, allowing multiple agents to service the queue and take ownership of individual chat requests as they become available.

RESULTS: Faster Resolution Times, Added Value to Conference Experience

QWASI’s chat application provided conference participants with additional means of accessing support services throughout the conference. It led to an improved conference experience for participants with faster resolution times, and provided Cisco with data analytics around the types of issues being addressed by their conference support team.

By choosing QWASI to help expand their support services over mobile, Cisco transformed the conference support experience for attendees and exhibitors alike. Participants could access support services from their mobile devices, providing them the assistance they needed in a timely manner without having to leave their location. In addition, the Webex Teams integration allowed real time monitoring of Support Agent Conversations, providing administrators with the ability to ensure that communication with conference participants was both consistent and accurate.



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