QWASI & CISCO bring IOT to Life

QWASI is Cisco’s Customer Experience and Innovation Partner that is changing the way brands engage with people across the world, creating new value and operational efficiencies for clients with it’s proprietary IOT communications platform and CISCO’s real-time collaboration suite. Bridging Marketing and IT, QWASI & CISCO unlock real time physical and customer data to optimize mobile experiences for brands to bring their digital transformation strategies to life.

DNA Spaces by Cisco

Location Intelligent Loyalty

Together with DNA Spaces QWASI recognizes customers’ entry to your locations, and welcomes them with personalized messages and localized offers that deliver increased sales.

Employee Collaboration for Customer Support

Employees can now collaborate in real time with Cisco Webex by sharing customer communication, product engagement, and offers in-store support teams actionable data to better assist customers

Secure Privacy & Compliant Enterprise Communication

Cisco Webex and QWASI provide the application layer for visibility into all localized and mobilized customer conversations to maintain compliance, reduce liabilities, and provide a full audit trail of all one to one customer communications.

European Retail Brand Delivers Millions in Additional Revenue

“As a clear market leader, our margins are constantly threatened by competitors. To combat this we shifted the rules of engagement – by concentrating our marketing investment on higher value and margin products. A mobile-centric communications strategy underpinned a phased reward programme that shifted the product mix into higher value products and delivered millions in additional revenues.”

– Richard McArthur, Marketing Manager, VELUX

QWASI brings loyalty gamification to Cisco with real time communication

Cisco live

QWASI integrates with DNA Spaces & Cisco Webex to deliver real time loyalty rewards and gamified experiences.

“The ability to passively monitor all activity from any device using Cisco Webex makes QWASI an incredibly powerful tool in the field.”

– JW McIntire, Program Manager, CISCO

Building great mobile experiences

Building great mobile experiences

Digital disruption is everywhere. We work with your team to find the right way of using IOT data to the customer advantage.

News and events

Forrester Names QWASI Leader In Mobile Messaging

Top technology advisory firm, Forrester Research, released 2018 report listing QWASI Technology as a top vendors in the Mobile Messaging Platform landscape, under the Communication Platforms-as-a-Service (CPaaS) category due to in well known work in real time loyalty. Customers include top brands like Dominos Pizza, GNC, Harvey Nichols, TD Ameritrade, and more.