Victoria’s Secret Bra Recycling

The Client:

Victoria’s Secret is the world’s largest intimates specialty retailer offering a wide assortment of modern, fashion-inspired collections including signature bras, panties, lingerie, casual sleepwear and athleisure, as well as award-winning prestige fragrances and body care. With nearly 1,400 retail stores worldwide and a predominately female workforce of more than 25,000, Victoria’s Secret boasts the largest team of specialty trained bra fit experts worldwide. Victoria’s Secret is committed to inspiring women around the world with products and experiences that uplift and champion them and their journey.

The Business Challenge:

With increasing focus and awareness on community outreach and sustainability initiatives, the apparel industry has looked for ways to reduce waste and establish eco-friendly recycling programs. Victoria’s Secret wanted to develop a campaign to boost bra sales while also raising awareness for sustainable customer experiences. Ultimately, to establish a loyal customer community, brands must continue to innovate and provide unique experiences, while also considering their environmental impact and long-term effects on the community.

Victoria’s Secret and QWASI campaign to recycle bras

The Solution

Victoria’s Secret ran a digital social media campaign to engage customers to recycle their bras in-store to receive a reward. For this sustainability program, customers who brought in an old bra to recycle to a Victoria’s Secret store were given $10 off a $50+ spend. This initiative not only raised awareness for the reduction of waste around old bras, but also brought more customers in-store and introduced rewards around sustainability.

Results for Client

Victoria’s Secret saw over a 85x return with this bra recycling program. The social media campaign garnered over 12K likes, which in turn led to high customer engagement and positive brand awareness. Victoria’s Secret experienced an increase in in-store sales with this sustainability initiative and successfully demonstrated a sustainable go-to-market process, which will lead to support from the community for future initiatives.

Bra recycling with Victoria’s Secret and QWASI

Value Delivered

Increased promotion of brand value: By leveraging social media, Victoria’s Secret was effectively able to promote their full-cycle bra recycling program. This initiative advocated eco-friendly and zero-waste values, which positioned Victoria’s Secret as a sustainability leader.

B.R.A Bra recycling agency, Kathleen Kirkwood
Victoria’s Secret and QWASI campaign to recycle bras