Vans selects QWASI Technology

QWASI Technology selected by Vans to activate shopping experiences with digital shoe customization solutions

QWASI is proud to partner with Vans to elevate the customer experience with NFC-enabled, in-store displays to preview product details and build custom shoes.

Qwasi Vans activate digital shopping experiences

“We’re expanding the next generation of direct-to- consumer.  Direct-to-consumer powers Vans’ growth and builds our brand in a myriad of ways: awareness, affinity, aspiration, sales, productivity and profitability. The direct-to-consumer business is a strategic enabler. Vans’ retail stores are brand icons.”


Vans partners with Qwasi Technology for NFC instore displays

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Exclusive Experiences

Providing customers with opportunities to engage with unique mobile branded experiences, both in-store and ecommerce.

Shopping behaviors have evolved and more and more customers are utilizing a brand’s ecommerce and mobile options than ever before. Vans was looking to leverage this trend by offering new opportunities across a variety of channels to encourage more customer engagement and loyalty at the store.

Vans partners with Qwasi Technology for NFC digital shoe customization

Giving customers the ability to utilize BOPIS for more efficient ordering and receive loyalty SMS communication for offers.

QWASI’s activation allowed Vans customers to use their mobile devices to tap on displays from inside the store to preview product details and build their own custom shoes. These mobile eCommerce purchases made in the store are credited at a later date to the retail locations as the initial source of engagement.

Vans partners with Qwasi Technology for NFC instore displays

+Promotion of interactive customer experiences

+Mobile solutions for ecommerce and online ordering

+Opportunities for customization and personalization

QWASI Technology’s activation allows Vans Corporate to see product-specific data across all channels to better assess customer behavior inside store locations. Additionally, local store managers are alerted when someone engages digitally with a product, enabling them to better assist customers. These experiences will not only create new opportunities for the brand to personalize offerings, but will also drive customer ordering, retention, and engagement.

Vans partners with Qwasi Technology for interactive customer experiences