QWASI Technology selected by LVMH to streamline innovation strategies with mobile solutions

QWASI is proud to partner with LVMH in building mobile tools and encouraging brand connectivity to increase innovation feedback.

“The responsibility of the manager in a company  dependent on innovation, becomes picking the right creative people the ones who want to see their designs on the street. And that desire inside them is something that you, as a leader of a company, can only sense. After all, most artists don’t go around proclaiming, ‘I want to be a commercial success.’ They would actually hate to say that. And frankly, if you asked them, they would say they don’t actually care one way or another if people buy their products. But they do care. It’s just buried in their DNA, and as a manager, you have to be able to see it there. I know you are going to ask, ‘How can I see into a person’s DNA, to know if he or she is an artist with commercial instincts?’ So I will answer, it just takes experience. Years of practice—trial and error—and you learn.”



Employees who feel their voice is heard in the workplace are almost five times more likely (4.6x) to feel empowered to deliver their best work.



of companies don’t have a long-term internal communication strategy, though about half said they wanted to make improving leadership and employee communication a top priority.



of employees around the world feel that people don’t collaborate enough within their organization, yet 75% of employers rate collaboration and teamwork as ’very important.’


Exclusive Experiences

Employees and teams to remain connected and involved in the brand’s idea generation and innovation processes.

Innovation teams across LVMH brands gather regularly to evaluate new innovations to bring to market. As such, the brand was seeking a more modern means of keeping these teams connected.


Leveraging mobile to include a digital interface to encourage active communication amongst LVMH employees regarding innovation.

QWASI worked with LVMH to host a portal that allowed employees to engage, via mobile, to learn more about innovations that they previewed live, voted on their favorites, and earned points for providing feedback. This system encouraged employees and teams to stay up-to-date with the entire creative process and enticed them to take advantage of mobile communication to help build company relationships.


+365-degree view of employee engagement

+Mobile solutions for feedback and idea generation

+Promotion of community and brand networking

QWASI Technology upgraded the existing LVMH Innovation labs with mobile touchpoints to unlock new areas of feedback and updated ways to review changes in the system. Gamified engagement transforms individual employees into a community of stakeholders who are more equipped to understand company objectives, new solutions, and the innovations that the community believes needs further development.