Bank of America

QWASI Technology selected by Bank of America to activate the brand’s mobile app and digital banking tools

Bank of America wanted to boost its mobile banking segment and stay connected digitally with customers, so the brand turned to QWASI mobile solutions.

“For each individual, gaining control over his or her financial lives and making finances simpler and easier to manage means something different, and we are committed to providing consumers with the tailored solutions they want to make their financial lives better.”



of consumers said tech improvements by banks are making it much easier to access their financial services.



of customers feel that more seamless digital tools and focus on the hybrid customer experience model in banking makes managing finances easier.



of Bank of America consumer client households and small business clients and 77 percent of wealth management client households are digitally active.


Exclusive Experiences

Engaging customers over digital channels and encouraging connectivity and downloads of the mobile banking app.

Mobile banking downloads and use has significantly increased over the past years. As a result, Bank of America was seeking solutions and unique offerings to increase customer engagement on their own app.


Leveraging mobile for customers with real-time banking alerts, keyword searches for quick account information, and a web widget to facilitate app downloads.

QWASI Technology activated the Bank of America mobile app with digital tools and resources to increase customer engagement, improve customer service, and build deeper brand-to-consumer relationships. The mobile solutions simplified the search and download process and allowed for more efficient use of the app, while the alerts keep the customers updated with any activity on their accounts, company news, or new transactions. This activation allows customers to use banking on multiple devices and through multiple channels, which increases convenience of the app.


+16% increase in active mobile app users

+64% increase in app download and usage

+45% of customer base use mobile banking regularly

By having more touchpoints and mobile tools to engage customers, Bank of America experienced strong growth of its mobile banking app with 22 million mobile customers, and an average 113 million interactions a week. QWASI’s mobile solutions helped Bank of America build upon the communication and engagement aspects of their app and encourage more connectivity and loyalty from customers. The digitization of banking tools ultimately creates a more integrated and soundexperience when banking virtually.