Global Mobile

QWASI selected by Global Mobile to utilize two-way communication to transform voting in elections

Global Mobile was seeking a more efficient solution for poll workers to quickly communicate and address issues in voting; therefore, the brand turned to QWASI Technology for mobile solutions.

“Global Mobile is excited to partner with QWASI to bring a new level of mobile communication to the election process. With the combination of our two platforms, counties and states throughout the country can now facilitate their elections in a more efficient and productive manner.”



of poll workers in 2018 were 61 and older. Nowadays, officials have been targeting younger adults and even high schoolers for the job because they are more technologically-savvy.



of states report using top-down voter registration systems that gather and aggregate information from their local jurisdictions’ voter registration databases.



of all votes were cast online in 2019’s parliamentary election, showing a rise in the use of technology in elections.


Exclusive Experiences

Simplifying communications between poll workers and county office staff to reduce the number of phone calls and issues in the system.

While preparing for a primary election, officials in Contra Costa County, California were seeking a more efficient solution for poll workers and office staff to communicate with one another. Therefore, Global Mobile looked to leverage the existing technology to provide an enhanced experience for regulating voting.


Leveraging mobile to facilitate two-way communication between poll workers and county officials with streamlined alerts and real-time updates on one platform.

Global Mobile selected QWASI’s real-time communications to support the election in Contra Costa County. This digital platform enhanced the communications and regulatory practices of the process to make it both more efficient and more effective. This two-way communication not only kept officials and poll workers connected throughout the election and led to a more integrated system but also allowed individuals to text message, rather than call, which contributed to the overall convenience of the process.


+170 registrants, Mali Olympics Athletes and Staff

+9700 minutes of time engaged with the platform

+850 new data insights & feedback from participants

Mali’s in-person and virtual event revealed a 77% mission completion rate and over 9,700 minutes of brand engagement time. QWASI SMART SPACES gives brands the ability to retain insights from events, generate feedback, understand customer behavior, and update experiences to keep content fresh, relevant, and improving customer engagement.

“Global Mobile is excited to partner with QWASI to bring a new level of mobile communication to the election process.”