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Domino’s Pizza selects QWASI Technology for emoji innovation and order activation

QWASI is proud to partner with Yes Lifecycle Marketing to bring emoji purchasing and customer message management to top pizza chain Domino’s Pizza.

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“We’re now the fastest-growing restaurant company in the U.S., and we have been for the last few years now. Technology has been an important part of that. It’s made the brand more relevant and interesting, and people are paying attention to what we’re doing.”


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The global online food ordering industry generated over $136B in revenue in 2020.



The online food delivery services global market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.3%, due to companies resuming their operations and adapting to the new normal while recovering from the COVID-19 impact.



of participants respond to mobile updates with feedback when they are offered simplified emoji click through to confirm.


Exclusive Experiences

Raising awareness for digital ordering and building engaging platforms that elevate customer experiences and communications.

Pizza chains have been turning to online ordering services more and more as a way to increase convenience for customers. Domino’s wanted to elevate the customer mobile experience and find a way to drive engagement and personalization.

Domino’s Pizza / Qwasi digital ordering

Providing customers with the ability to utilize emoji ordering and receive mobile marketing messages for reward redemption and personalized order experiences.

QWASI Technology activated Domino’s by leveraging mobile technology to deliver elevated customer experiences with digital ordering capabilities. QWASI helped Domino’s to activate impulse purchasing with a simple one-click-to-order experience. These mobile tools allowed customers to personalize order and communication preferences and increased communications with the brand.

Domino’s Pizza Qwasi emoji ordering

+Personalized customer experiences

+Increased use of digital ordering experiences

+Promotion of brand story and mobile capabilities

QWASI Technology’s activation of Domino’s mobile platform increased customer engagement with the brand and use of digital and emoji ordering services. QWASI’s work with Domino’s also resulted in an easier and more efficient ordering process and gleaned valuable insights from customer data across new communication channels. This activation led to 50 percent of the Domino’s U.S. sales coming from digital platforms, with more than half coming from mobile devices.

QWASI Domino's pizza digital and emoji ordering services